New Home Builders

  • Two for one: duplex living

    Two for one: duplex living Duplexes are one of the most common ways that people can maximise the potential of their land. Duplexes are two separate homes, built on the same title. Often, they can then be retitled as strata titles. There are advantages to duplexes – they... Read more
  • Outdoor living in Autumn

    Outdoor living in Autumn Don’t let the cooler weather bring you inside! Horizon Homes loves the indoor-outdoor flow, and many of our homes have outdoor “rooms” to extend your living and entertaining areas. They’re usually undercover, providing protection from the worst of the elements. If you want to... Read more
  • New Home Project Supervisors

    The Horizon Homes front line Commitment to quality is not just something we talk about at Horizon Homes. It is ingrained in who we are. Quality starts in our processes, which are designed to take the hassle out of building, and make sure you have the right input... Read more
  • New Home Project Managers

    Communicating with Clients There’s nothing more stressful than being kept out of the loop, so one of the commitments we make as custom home builders is to keep the communication flowing. Once construction has started on your new home, our Project Managers Danny and Liam will meet regularly... Read more
  • Knock Down Rebuild Builders

    Top tips for finding a builder So, you’ve decided you love your location but not your house? A knock down and rebuild is the answer but finding the right builder can be a little daunting. After more than 20 years in the industry, we have some tips. 1.... Read more
  • Client requested changes?

    Client requested changes? No problem! Variations to a home design can be one of the biggest causes of stress between a builder and the owners – but they don’t need to be! At Horizon Homes, we’re building YOUR dream home, and so we’re here to accommodate and facilitate... Read more
  • New home maintenance

    Home Maintenance: Gear up for summer Summer is on the way! Horizon Homes custom designs always make full use of the indoor-outdoor flow. Here are our top tips to get your place summer-ready.   Do a test of your smoke detectors. Yes, we suggested that in autumn also, but... Read more
  • Smooth move

    A smooth move after your knock-down rebuild Horizon Homes works hard to make the building process as stress-free as possible and home handovers are incredibly exciting (for us as well as our clients). But there’s no denying that despite the excitement of a brand new, custom built house,... Read more
  • New home thrill doesn’t fade

    New Home Thrill New home handovers are fabulous – we see a client’s excitement at all the possibilities of their new home. Even better is seeing that excitement still there 18 months down the track. Horizon Homes had the opportunity recently to visit Joe and Maria at their... Read more