Future Proof Your Custom Home

Designing Your Knockdown Rebuild for Now… and Years to Come

Designing and building a custom home can be an exciting experience. You can design spaces specifically for your family and your block.

At Horizon Homes, we also want to make sure the design is future proof so it can work for your family for many years to come.

Flexible spaces

As we have been building custom homes for a long time now, we have an insight into how flexibility in the spaces we create for you can turn a beautiful home for now into a comfortable forever home.

For many of our clients, we suggest creating spaces that can function in different ways. For example, a room may be a home office now, but can be turned into a guest room in the future. Perhaps we should consider another ensuite or a separate entrance? Or maybe customised joinery that could be used for either office supplies or clothing.

Thinking there may be a time when your elderly parents need to live with you? Perhaps we should consider designing wider doorways in ground level bathrooms. That way they’re easily accessible to ageing parents with future mobility issues.

You can also look at designing the home so a lift can be put in at a later stage. It could ensure your home is comfortable for you for decades to come.

Your children may be young now and a place for toy storage is your main concern. But where will the children study in the future? Have you thought about a private lounge area near the bedrooms? When they’re really little, you keep a close ear on them as you relax in the evening. As they grow, the space can easily morph into a playroom. Then a study space. Or perhaps a teen hangout. And who knows, it may some day become your future library room or a space where you can settle into your hobbies when they’ve eventually flown the coop.

These are spaces that can be designed now with a vision of the future. 

But future proofing your home is more than just creating flexibility in the spaces around you.

You might also consider putting in the wiring for solar panels and a power wall. You may not install solar initially, but the wiring is there for the future.

Future planning might also include a pool. It may not be in the budget now but if you’re considering putting one in the future, we can make sure pipes and other essential services don’t obstruct the spot the pool may go.

Guiding you though the process

It may sound a little overwhelming. You know what you want now, but how will you know what’s important to your family in 10 years? 25 years?

Helping clients consider all aspects of their design and build is something we do well at Horizon Homes. Our build process is second to none and designed to ensure that every detail of your home is carefully considered well before the knockdown begins.

Our homes are built to last. In their construction and in their design. As a family business, we understand that with good design and planning a home can be an ever-changing space.

If you are considering knocking down and rebuilding, drop into our multi-award winning Display Home at Bella Vista (open seven days a week) or give us a call on 02 8882 9111. Tell us about the home you’re dreaming about. 

What our clients say

“It’s hard to imagine your dream house. It’s better if someone just builds it for you. That’s how we felt with the house that Horizon Homes designed and built for our family. Horizon are a very professional, delivery oriented and detail focused company. Challenges with the site were dealt with effectively and on time... costs came in on budget. We would unhesitatingly recommend Horizon for your bespoke home design & build.”

“Our journey with Horizon Homes was wonderful. Our house looks amazing... we chose Horizon Homes because they said they could do any style, their display house had good quality and the team was so easy to talk to. The design process, choosing colours and finishes were so much fun... Denis and team gave us useful advice so our budget didn’t blow out. The construction process went smoothly and finished on time. We highly recommend Horizon Homes and we could not be happier. ”

“We wanted to build with a local family builder who would give us time to design our dream house. Denis had some fantastic ideas and advice and turned our dreams into reality. All building work started and finished on time and our supervisor, Danny had a level of communication that far exceeded our expectations. We were really impressed with the quality of the finishes, the attention to detail and the effort taken to handover a faultless home. Such a positive experience from an exceptional builder. ”

“Our experience with Horizon was supportive from start to end. As beginners in the knockdown and rebuild process, I felt they guided us through the journey. The quality of our finishings was excellent... I still love coming home to our house more than a couple of years later. Horizon were a delight to deal with and we got the house of our dreams out of it!!!”

“I cannot thank you guys enough for what you have done. Despite the restrictions of land size you have put up an amazing house. Your professionalism and just the way you conduct your business is by far of the highest standards.”

“We had a good idea of what we wanted in our new home and Horizon Homes made it a reality. The build time was just as they had forecast and no request big or small was too difficult. From the minute we met Denis we knew he was the builder for us. Denis was honest and up front from the beginning. We really appreciated this.”

“Horizon Homes is professional and efficient. Everything is documented and handled in a manner that is transparent, clear and concise. We have also found that their attention to detail from the signing of the contract to handover has been excellent. Our home is stunning and everything that we expected it to be. Horizon Homes comes highly recommended by us.”

“They took care of every step of the knock-down and rebuild, from the very beginning to handing over the keys… They prepared the council DA application… looked after the entire building process with exceptional quality, workmanship and keen eye for details… the entire team was honest and up front… We are so grateful that we chose Horizon Home to complete our new home project…”

“We were really happy with the service we received from Denis, Liam, Esther and the team. Communication at all stages of the project was top class. Our build process went smoothly, and importantly Liam has been really responsive to any requests we have had since moving in. I would highly recommend Horizon Homes and complement them on a job well done!”

“We built our first dream house with Horizon Homes. Denis and the team are very professional and helpful from the very beginning. Our house now is one of the signature on our street. We really enjoy the whole process with the team. And hopefully we can build again with Horizon Home in the near future!”

“Horizon worked with us to design the house we wanted. They listened to our brief and gave excellent advice and suggestions. We love the result. Our home is spacious, light-filled and maximises the potential of our downward sloping block. There were setbacks throughout the build, which meant that our house was completed behind schedule, but Horizon had good communication processes in place and we cannot fault the quality of the overall build.”

“The construction process was smooth, with regular communication keeping us abreast of what was happening... our site supervisor (Danny) was always approachable and addressed all our concerns to achieve the final product of a beautiful double story home in Concord that we are very proud of! We recommend Horizon Homes for their personal touch, ability to listen to our needs and the values they displayed during the project - Openness, Honesty and Transparency - and most of all, for keeping our confidence high during what is typically a stressful time.”

“After considering 50+ builders we eventually decided on a custom home with Horizon and are very happy with our choice. Denis and Danny were extremely helpful during the custom design phase, working within our budget to design our dream home... things ran on budget and schedule, and we were regularly updated regarding progress, so thankfully this was a stress-free period. The quality of build was excellent... we have been living in the house for over 6 months now and love it - we would definitively choose Horizon again and highly recommend them.”

“We built our first home with Horizon Homes... all the questions were answered and the whole build process ended up being very smooth. Our variation requests were happily accommodated. The whole team... were professional, friendly and easy to work with. The house turned heads and the quality of the build speaks for itself. We’ll unthinkingly hire them if we were to build again.”

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