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  • Smart home technology

    More Affordable & More Useful As a custom home builder, Horizon Homes helps clients design and build beautiful homes for comfortable living. Part of comfortable living is ensuring your new home meets your needs technologically. Once upon a time that meant ensuring enough power and internet sockets. Home... Read more
  • Development Applications v Complying Development Certificates

    DA v CDC: What’s the difference? When you’re starting your journey to build a new home, it’s easy to get confused by the difference between a Development Application (DA) and a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). Which is best for your build? A Development Application (also known as DA)... Read more
  • 5 Things To Do When You Knock Down Rebuild

    You’re finally ready to start the journey to knock down your existing home and rebuild a new one. But where do you start? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many different options and opinions being offered. Here are a few things to consider if you are looking... Read more
  • BASIX & the Joys of an Energy Efficient Home

    BASIX stands for Building Sustainability Index. It is both incredibly important to an energy efficient home – and something you don’t need to think about at all when you build with Horizon Homes. But let us explain! BASIX is a NSW initiative to ensure that new homes are... Read more
  • Why People are Choosing Knock Down Rebuild over Selling, Buying & Renovating

    Over the years, we’ve spoken to a lot of people who have decided they’re rather stay where they are and knock down and rebuild, rather than sell and buy elsewhere or renovate. So, why is that? 1: Loving where you live People love the community they live in.... Read more
  • Want to knock down rebuild? You’re not alone!

    COVID-19 has certainly given us a new appreciation of the need for well-designed, functional home spaces. The pandemic crisis forced many people to work and study from home. And even though restrictions are lifting, we’re still spending more time at home than ever before. As a result, many... Read more