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Project Homes v Custom Build

Which is best for you? A project home or a custom build?

Choosing the right builder for your project is one of the most critical decisions of the home building process – and its vital to know the difference between a project home and a custom build.

So what is the difference?

Project homes: Large volume, limited design

Project home builders are usually large, volume based companies that construct a high number of homes each year. They have a catalogue of pre-designed home plans to fit standard blocks.

If you want to customise those designs, the changes you can make to those plans may be quite limited.

Opting for a project home means you’ll only ever be able to choose from a set range of fixtures and finishes.

Because project home builders replicate the same designs and limit the number of fixtures and finishes they offer, their prices tend to be more economical due to the streamlining of materials they use.

But what if my block isn’t standard?

But we all know housing blocks aren’t always standard, particularly if you are planning a knock down rebuild. Your existing block may be narrow, or sloping, or just be an irregular shape.

If you have an unusual or complicated block , it may be harder to find a project home builder for your project – so many times it is the block that determines whether or not you use a custom builder.

Custom home builders, like Horizon Homes, create specific designs for each client. As a custom home builder, we build homes that meet each client’s individual needs. That means no two homes are ever alike.

Generally, custom builders do a small number of builds a year. For example, Horizon Homes only builds around 10 homes a year. We’re very intentionally a boutique home builder.

Custom build: What’s the advantage?

When you choose a custom builder, you’re not limited in your design choices. The range of fixtures and fittings you can choose from is endless.

With a custom design, you can also maximise what you can build on your block. So irregular blocks, narrow blocks, sloping blocks; they’re all incorporated into the actual design of the house.

A custom built home is usually more expensive than a project built home. But, you’d be surprised. Once you price a project home, add some upgrades to the standard finishes, and make a few allowed changes to the design, you might find the cost difference is much less than you’d expect.

If you’re interested in finding out whether or not a custom built home is right for you, it’s a great time to have a conversation with one of our design experts. You can book a private appointment at our display home in the Homequest Luxury Display Home Village or at our Five Dock Design Studio. Social distancing responsibilities will apply. Alternatively, to set up an online meeting, get in touch.