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Development Applications v Complying Development Certificates

DA v CDC: What’s the difference?

When you’re starting your journey to build a new home, it’s easy to get confused by the difference between a Development Application (DA) and a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). Which is best for your build?

A Development Application (also known as DA) is the application made to your local council seeking approval to carry out a development.

A Complying Development Certificate (also known as CDC) is a faster pathway to a straight forward development. But you must meet pre-approved criteria.

Complying Development Certificate requirements

CDC requirements for an approval are based on universal criteria that apply across NSW and have been predetermined. Also, the CDC requirements can’t be altered to suit your build. Instead, they are clearly set-out requirements that apply across the board. If your build meets the criteria pre-set by the CDC requirements, then the building approval is fast tracked. The approval is signed off by a private certifier. You don’t have to seek permission from Council or have input from neighbouring properties.

DA requirements

The requirements for DA will vary from Council to Council, based on their regional requirements. While your Council’s DA criteria may be similar to CDC requirements, you are able to seek approval for things unique to your build. Many times the location of your build will dictate if DA approval is required. This can include flood zones, bushfire zones and heritage zones. Or your building design may require things outside the scope of CDC, like basement parking or higher roof heights. The DA process usually takes longer than CDC to gain approval, since your design will be individually evaluated by your Council and they will also seek comment from your neighbours before giving approval. 

Which approval is right for me?

Horizon Homes has more than 30 years’ building experience and we regularly work with CDC and DA approved builds. We work closely with you to determine which pathway is best for your project. Our recommendations will be based on your design, your site and your build requirements. We then handle all aspects of the approval process. This ensures that whichever pathway you pick, it will be managed well and be expedited quickly. 

Horizon Homes is boutique custom builder. We design and build beautiful homes for comfortable living. We manage all aspects of the build starting with the concept design, all the way to a completed dream home. If you want to chat about your specific build plans, contact us on (02) 8882 9111.