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BASIX & the Joys of an Energy Efficient Home

BASIX stands for Building Sustainability Index. It is both incredibly important to an energy efficient home – and something you don’t need to think about at all when you build with Horizon Homes.

But let us explain!

BASIX is a NSW initiative to ensure that new homes are built to be water, energy and thermally efficient. BASIX is required for:

  • • All new home construction
  • • Alterations and additions to dwellings over $50,000
  • • Swimming pools of 40,000 litres or more

All new residential dwellings need to meet the NSW Government’s sustainability targets, because it is a mandatory part of the development application process.

So you can see why it’s important. And when we work with a client to custom build their dream home, Horizon Homes handles all the BASIX requirements. It’s part of our comprehensive design-to-build experience.

Energy Efficient Design Makes Sense

When Horizon Homes works with you on your custom designed knock down rebuild, we always consider ways to design and build that ensure your home is efficient and comfortable to live in.

That means that light, airflow, energy & water efficiency is considered in every design we do.

When you walk into a light filled living space with good cross ventilation, it feels good. Having a home that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter creates a sense of comfort. 

Of course, building a home with these principles means it will be more energy efficient, lowering your household bills.

And the simple act of capturing rainwater allows you to water your garden even in times of drought – a beautiful, heathy garden is a joy! 

What to consider when designing an energy and thermally efficient home

  • • The orientation of the house, designing in ways to maximising light to ensure quality light throughout the home, throughout the day
  • • The type of building materials and insulation used in construction
  • • Energy & water efficient hot water systems and tapware
  • • The use of energy efficient LED lights
  • • Rainwater collection plan with sufficient water tanks to capture and reuse
  • • Energy efficient windows and doors
  • • Strategic placement of windows and doors for cross breeze
  • • Solar options for home and pool
  • • The use of ceiling fans in bedrooms and living spaces
  • • The use of natives and low water plants in the garden

Horizon Homes creates beautiful homes for comfortable living by using good design principles, quality materials and expert workmanship – it is quality you can see and feel.  And that meets all the BASIX requirements.

If you’re ready to start the knock down rebuild process, we’re at the Homequest Luxury Display Home Village at 48 Bruhn Circuit Kellyville. Or make an appointment to meet at our Five Dock Display Centre.

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