Knock Down Rebuild Builders

Top tips for finding a builder

So, you’ve decided you love your location but not your house? A knock down and rebuild is the answer but finding the right builder can be a little daunting.

After more than 20 years in the industry, we have some tips.

1. Ask questions. Lots of questions. Don’t worry about looking like a novice.
2. What’s the company culture? Is the team positive and friendly? From start to finish, building a custom home is a long process so you’re actually entering a long-term relationship.
3. Look for quality. A quality builder stands by their work and will be happy to provide you with testimonials or referees.

At Horizon Homes, we’re completely transparent with our clients and potential clients. Our team is the best in the business.

And our construction quality? Come judge for yourself. Our display home at 48 Bruhn Circuit Kellyville is an example of the high-quality construction you can expect when you engage Horizon Homes to build your custom designed home.