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Smooth move

A smooth move after your knock-down rebuild

Horizon Homes works hard to make the building process as stress-free as possible and home handovers are incredibly exciting (for us as well as our clients).

But there’s no denying that despite the excitement of a brand new, custom built house, the actual moving can be incredibly stressful.  Here are our top tips to help make the move as hassle free as possible.

Take a breath

Recognise that moving is often emotional – for you and your family. Acknowledge the feelings, but don’t let them deter you from the tasks at hand.


Moving house can be a good excuse to declutter your life. If you declutter first, you have less to move, so there will be less cost and ultimately less stress.

Give yourself enough time

Packing up a family home can take several days.

Be sure to give yourself time to do other tasks as well – such as researching the right moving company, cleaning the home you’re leaving etc. The more you leave to the last minute, the more panicked you will feel.

Stay organised

Keep all the documents you might need in one place, so you know just where to find them. Create a to-do list in one notebook – when you think of something that needs to be done before moving day, jot it down so it is not weighing on your mind.

Pack one room at a time

Packing a whole house can be overwhelming. If you focus on one room at a time, it’ll reduce your stress and you’ll be able to cut your big goal into smaller ones.

Label everything

Still on organisation – label, label, label. Label your boxes – that’s obvious. But also label your rooms at the new house and give helpers and removalists a rough floorplan. That way they don’t have to keep asking you what boxes go.

Make sure boxes go straight to where they belong

Make sure that floorplan gets used! Resist the temptation to just drop all the boxes in the living room. This will only create more work for you in the long run.

Plan a care package

You don’t want to then spend hours trying to find the things you’ll need for the first night in your new home. Make sure you have one box that has all the essentials you’ll need – basic toiletries, your PJs… and coffee!!