Client requested changes?

Client requested changes? No problem!

Variations to a home design can be one of the biggest causes of stress between a builder and the owners – but they don’t need to be!

At Horizon Homes, we’re building YOUR dream home, and so we’re here to accommodate and facilitate any changes you request along the way.

We believe if you trust us with building your new home, it needs to be EXACTLY what you want. That’s why we don’t make a big deal out of it, when you request changes.

Sure, we try to minimise them by working hard in the design stage to guide you through the options. But sometimes variations are inevitable. And that’s where we take the hassle out of it.

“If someone is spending a lot of money with us, then we want to ensure they’re completely happy with the home we build,” Horizon Homes Director Denis Carroll said.

“One of the big things about changes requested during the construction is keeping track of them. We’ve got processes in place to make sure that everyrequest for a change is documented and actioned by our office staff, suppliers, contractors and supervisors on site to get the desired result.

“Almost every home has some variations. Our clients see something at a bathroom shop or in a magazine during the build and decide that they have to have it… sometimes it is only a few changes, other times its many. Our clients are amazed at how little fuss there is and how smoothly they are incorporated into the building process.

That’s what being a custom home builder is all about. Come and talk to us about starting your new home build.