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Why People are Choosing Knock Down Rebuild over Selling, Buying & Renovating

Over the years, we’ve spoken to a lot of people who have decided they’re rather stay where they are and knock down and rebuild, rather than sell and buy elsewhere or renovate.

So, why is that?

1: Loving where you live

People love the community they live in. They know their neighbors and their children are attending local schools, so they don’t want to leave the area.

They may have outgrown their home or need it to function better for their needs, but they want to stay in the community and street that they love. 

2: Expense

It is expensive to sell and buy. When adding up the costs of agent fees, stamp duty and moving costs, many people feel that money would be better spent building their dream home on the block they already own. 

3. Your own design

If you are buying an already completed home, you are accepting a design that wasn’t specifically tailored for you. When designing and building your own custom home, every element is perfectly designed and picked by you and your family. 

4. No hidden surprises!

Renovating an old home can have many challenges. Old building material, wiring and plumbing can cause many unforeseen problems and you are modifying the original floor plan, so usually compromises to the layout have to be made.  Also, many people have found that an extensive renovation can be as expensive – sometimes even more expensive – than knocking down and rebuilding. 

5. The Joy of Home

One of life’s great joys is living in a home that is perfectly designed for you and your family. This is the number one reason people want a custom built home. Each family is unique and your home should be a reflection of that individuality.

A custom home maximises how space is used on the block, while having a layout that incorporates family needs, and maximizes light and airflow. 

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