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Smart home technology

More Affordable & More Useful

As a custom home builder, Horizon Homes helps clients design and build beautiful homes for comfortable living. Part of comfortable living is ensuring your new home meets your needs technologically.

Once upon a time that meant ensuring enough power and internet sockets. Home technology is a lot smarter than that now!

When Horizon Homes designs a home, the technology in the home is an integral part of the design discussion. That means before the home even takes shape, we’re considering how technology can be used for security, energy efficiency, home entertainment and lighting.

Integration of Smart Home Technology 

Thanks to the advancement of smart phone and touch screen tables, home technology is convenient and easy to use.

Smart home technology can be scalable. Pick and choose what applications are best for your home now. And then you can add elements later, if you want.

Just think of the peace of mind you’ll have if you are alerted to people approaching your home. Or maybe you want to be able to remotely operate your home’s heating or cooling system. That means no more coming home to an oven in summer, or wondering whether you forgot to turn the heaters off when you left for the office.

Home technology could be as simple as an integrated speaker system, strategically placed for entertainment. That’s got to add to your enjoyment of your home! 

Smart Home Technology Considerations

  • Security systems – back to base systems, cameras, alarms, remote locking systems
  • Home entertainment systems – surround sound, speakers inside & out, cinema rooms,
  • Lighting – different mood lighting, timing light settings
  • Heating and cooling – managing energy use, zones, turning on and off remotely
  • Automated blinds
  • Front door cameras, facial recognition locking systems and intercom systems.

Home technology is advancing quickly. And it’s becoming more affordable. When assessing your home technology needs, we consult with our technology partner DHT. They’re experts in the field.

For more information about home technology options for your custom home, contact Horizon Homes on (02) 8882 9111 or visit the DHT website.